About us

Welcome to Denito’s family! Our goal is to preserve the warmth of family traditions and values for the years to come. In order to show you how much we appreciate your trust in our company, we keep making your favourite salads and hope you enjoy them as part of your everyday menu and on special occasions. Thanks to our long experience, we know the preferences of the Bulgarian customer and we try to improve our production processes on a daily basis in order to achieve the perfect taste for every palate.

We know how much you value the quality of our products. That’s why our production technologies are aimed at preserving the nutritional value and vitamin content that your whole family needs. We guarantee a healthy and well-balanced diet for everyone – from the youngest members of your family to the eldest.

Denito: An essential part of your daily meals!

Some traditions never change

No meal is complete without a salad. Regardless of whether you plan to share a weekend with your closest ones in the countryside, or go with friends to a nearby hut, or want to throw a spectacular home party, Bulgarian traditions require that your feast include a salad. Here is where we come in: we take care that on any of these occasions you can choose among more than 60 products, including fresh salads, refrigerator salads, sauces, potato and veggie mixes, and many others.

Denito Salads: Always by your side!

The moments you spend with your friends and family are the moments that really matter. Denito’s products have heard many of your stories and have gone through many of your emotions shared at the table because they are always by your side!
At Denito, we believe that the great quality, excellent flavour and nice experience are the reasons why we are Bulgaria’s favourite brand.

Embrace the tasty world of Denito

How do you choose what to buy at the store? Our busy lifestyles often leave us no time for careful selection of the right foods that make a healthy and delicious dinner.
That’s why you have Denito to help you. We know that you always choose the salad that your whole family loves. The one that reminds them of the salads that their granny used to make

Have a meal with your favourite people and serve your favourite products with the perfect flavour and quality.