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Baby potatoes with garlic and dill

Potatoes are one of the favourite vegetables. They are easy to cook, nourishing and good as a garnish. Our baby potatoes are 90% stewed, which makes them fast to cook in an oven, in a pan as w ell as a microwave. The cooking time is up to 10 minutes after which you will have delicious baby potatoes with garlic and... read more »

Garden mix salad

Saturated vitamin salad is that we offer - Garden mix!Quick decision and tasty offer from Denito - fresh vegetables together in an amazing... read more »

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    Apetitka salad

    Yogurt Salad

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New recipes

Potato and tomato gratin

Preparation time: 20 min Portions: 4

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Carrot Muffins

Preparation time: 40 min Portions: 10-15 pieces

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